Tours are scheduled for Wednesday. We have planned two excursions, depending upon your interests.

  1. We leave from Bornit hotel (700 mamsl) and using Czech Path we go to the shelter under Łabski peak (1471 mamsl). Then we move along the, so called, “Ścieżka nad reglami” [The path along subalpine forests] and we reach Snowy Kettles and peak Śmielec. After that we go back to Szrenica and the hotel.
    Duration: about 8 hours
  2. We leave from Bornit hotel and we go to a down station of Sudety lift. We use the lift to reach Szrenica peak (1362 mamsl). From the peak we go to the Czech side of Karkonosze to the sources of the river Łaba and then, by Vosecká Bouda and Kamieńczyk Waterfall, we return to the hotel.
    Duration: about 5 hours
Here you can find more information about Karkonosze mountains (English and Deutsch versions available).