8th WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Gronów 2000

A. Berger
Prime ideals in the lattice of additive hereditary properties
H. Bielak
Local Ramsey numbers for some graphs
M. Borowiecki and E. Łazuka
Chromatic polynomials of hypergraphs
E. Drgas-Burchardt
The hereditary properties of hypergraphs
I. Gorgol
Some modifications of Ramsey numbers
J. Grytczuk
Pattern avoidance on Euklidean spaces
J. Harant
On cycles containing prescribed vertices of a polyhedral graph
M. Horňák and Š. Pčola
On the achromatic index of Kq2+q for a prime q≥5
S. Jendroľ and H.-J. Voss
Light subgraphs in embedded graphs
M. Kucharska and M. Kwaśnik
Several kinds of (k,l)-kernels of special superdigraphs of Pm and Cm
M. Kwaśnik and M. Zwierzchowski
Two domination parameters of a graph with the removed edge
D. Michalak
Line graphs and their special subgraphs
P. Mihók
Generalized colorings of graphs
A. Niculitsa, V. Voloshin and H.-J. Voss
Circular and uniquely colourable mixed hypergraphs
I. Schiermeyer
On the stability of pancyclicity
G. Semanišin
Minimal reducible bounds for partial k-trees
Z. Skupień
On injections in graphs and combinatorics
M. Voigt
I. Włoch
Generalized Fibonacci polynomials of graphs
M. Woźniak
On some packing problems

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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