7th WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Gronów 1999

H. Bielak
Chromatic polynomials
M. Borowiecki and E. Sidorowicz
On weakly P-saturated graphs
Z. Dziechcińska-Halamoda, Z. Majcher and J. Michael
Sets of semi-degree pairs in fully irregular digraphs with the extremum sizes
I. Fabrici
Light subgraphs in polyhedral graphs
D. Fronček
How to schedule a basketball league
I. Gorgol
Induced and weak induced Ramsey numbers
J. Harant
On independence in graphs
M. Horňák
Achromatic number of K5×Kn
S. Jendroľ
On types of faces in plane graphs
P. Mihók
Hereditary classes of graphs
W. Peisert
All selfcomplementary symmetric graphs
I. Schiermeyer
Computing maximum independent set with the MIN-algorithm
G. Semanišin
Invariants of hereditary properties
Z. Skupień
Asymmetric decompositions of complete digraphs
R. Soták
Some lights graphs in planar graphs of minimum degree 5
P.D. Vestergaard
Domination in partitioned graphs
M. Voigt
List colourings of graphs
I. Włoch
The number of all k-stable sets in some classes of graphs
M. Woźniak
Packing and permutation structure

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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