6th WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Gronów 1998

H. Bielak
Ramsey-free graphs of order 17 and the planar Ramsey number for C4 and K6
M. Borowiecki, M. Hałuszczak, P. Mihók and P. Vateha
Decomposable properties of graphs
M. Borowiecki and E. Sidorowicz
On some extremal problems with local constrains
M. Borowiecki and A. Szelecka
Linear arboricity of maximal m-degenerate graphs
P. Borowiecki
On line P-colourings of graphs
Z. Dziechcińska-Halamoda, Z. Majcher and J. Michael
A characterization of semi-degree sets of fully irregular oriented graphs with the minimum size
M. Frick
Path kernel and partitions
J. Harant
On Hamiltonian cycles in planar graphs
M. Horňák and Š. Pčola
On the cyclic chromatic number of 3-connected plane graphs
A. Kośliński
Application of graph theory to the mathematical modelling of mechanical systems
Z. Lonc
Partitions of combinatorial structures
E. Łazuka and J. Żurawiecki
Colouring of cycles in the de Bruijn graphs
Z. Ryjaček
Closure concepts in claw-free graphs
I. Schiermeyer
Closure concepts a survey: degree conditions
Z. Skupień
Linear time aspects of some hard problems
Zs. Tuza
Some open problems on graph colourings
M. Voigt
List colourings of graphs

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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