5th WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Gronów 1997

M. Borowiecki
Local properties of graphs
M. Frick
Partitioning a graph under path length constraints
J. Harant
Dominating and independent sets in graphs
M. Horňák
Achromatic index of K14
S. Jendroľ and I. Schiermeyer
On extremal problem concerning weights of edges of graphs
S. Jendroľ and H.-J. Voss
Light subgraphs of polyhedral maps on compact 2-dimensional manifolds
M. Kubale
Consecutively colouring the edges of general and bipartite graphs
D. Michalak
Domination, strong and total domination numbers of hypergraphs
P. Mihók
The structure of reducible properties of graphs
Z. Ryjaček
Forbidden subgraphs, closure and stable classes of graphs
E. Sidorowicz
On sizes of Kn-free graphs
Z. Skupień
Hamiltonicity and fullerenes
Zs. Tuza
List colourings and related problems
M. Voigt
Choosability and fractional colouring number
A. Włoch
k-distance strongly perfect products of graphs

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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