4th WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Lubiatów 1996

H. Bielak
Chromatic coefficients
M. Borowiecki, I. Broere and P. Mihók
On the minimal reducible bounds for the classes of 3-colourable planar graphs
M. Borowiecki, D. Michalak and E. Sidorowicz
Dominating, independent and irredundant sets of graphs
J. Harant
On hamiltonian cycles in 4- and 5- connected plane triangulations
M. Horňák
On a conjecture by Plummer and Toft
S. Jendroľ
A structural property of 3-connected planar graphs
W. Korczyński
Power graphs – a tool to deal with concurrency
A. Kośliński
Algorithms and examples of modelling the vibrating mechanical systems by the method of hypergraphs and structural numbers
M. Kwaśnik and I. Włoch
The number of all k-stable sets and (k,k-1)-kernels in several classes of graphs
I. Schiermeyer
3-colourability and Ramsey theory
Z. Skupień
Paths in graphs or digraphs
I.I. Trub
About the proof of Adam’s hypothesis for oriented multigraphs
Zs. Tuza
Problems related to list colourings of graphs
M. Voigt
List colourings of planar graphs
H.-J. Voss
Sachs triangulations, generated by dessins d’enfant, and maps of high symmetries
P. Wojda
Fan condition for Hamiltonian connected graphs

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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