2nd WORKSHOP in MATHEMATICS, Lubiatów 1994

H. Bielak
Chromatic classification of certain 2-connected graphs
I. Gorgol
On lower bound for size Ramsey number for tripartite graphs
J. Harant
On cycles in maximal planar graphs
M. Harminc
Kernels in digraphs
M. Horňák
Enforced configurations in plane graphs
M. Kwaśnik and A. Szelecka
Co-strongly perfectness of graph product
P. Mihók
The structure of reducible properties
Z. Skupień
Separately highly Hamiltonian graphs
J. Topp
Interpolation theorem for domination numbers of a graph
H.-J. Voss
Groups and graphs

Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Econometrics

University of Zielona Góra

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